Welcome to the Chair of International Business and Society Relations

with focus on Latin America!

Our idea is that business and economics do not happen in a vacuum but in specific contexts in terms of space, time and cultures. For this purpose we place the human agent, its time and social interactions at the centre of our investigation. We are interested in the politics, history, culture, international relations and economics of primarily Latin American countries, but we also cover France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.


  • We offer a deep knowledge of, and a great passion for Latin America, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. We are eager to promote their study within the university, the broader Erlangen-Nuremberg community, and internationally.

  • The Chair is highly committed to internationalisation. We attract numerous foreign students and offer exchange programmes in a variety of countries. Our courses are taught in English, Spanish and German. We are also involved in several international research projects and student-oriented activities.

  • We work to build bridges between academia, policy makers and the business community and we emphasise both the theoretical dimension and the practice-oriented aspects of our topics.

Please browse our website to know more about who we are, what we do and what we believe in.