The Long Night of Science 2015: The Americas and Europe: Coming Together or Drifting Apart?

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Panel dicussion with diplomatic representatives oft he U.S. and Mexiko at the “Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften” 2015:

The seventh Long Night of Sciences was held in Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen on 24 October 2015. We were pleased to be part of  this journey through the world of science and research in cooperation with the Chair for International Studies / Angloamerican Countries ( Prof. Dr. Falke). Under the titel “„The Americas and Europe: Coming Together or Drifting Apart?“ we had the opportunity to discuss the relationship between the European Union and the Americas ( the American Continent) with representatives of the U.S. and Mexiko.

An extract of the program of the Long Night of Science:

“Both chairs have been deeply involved in researching the relationship between Europe and the Americas, with an emphasis on regional and interregional integration. In this panel discussion, Prof. Falke and Prof. Gardini will enter into a dialogue with ambassadors and diplomatic representatives from Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the United States on the state and future of the relationship between the EU and the North and South America. Will BRIC countries such as Brazil stake out a more independent role, will the U.S. pivot to Asia at the expense of Europe, will transatlantic relations be improved through TTIP and CETA, or may even a trinangular relationship develop to counter China’s global influence?