Course registration for the summer term starting on March 15 via StudOn

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Please apply for our courses on StudOn. In StudOn you can find our Chair in the section: Angebote >2.RW >2.2Wirtschaftswissenschaften >International Business and Society Relations mit Schwerpunkt Lateinamerika.

Please note that participation in the seminars is limited; therefore it is advisable to register early. Please bear in mind that there will be waiting lists for students who did not get into the seminar, so be considerate and de-register immediately, should you decide not to participate.

Attendance is mandatory at the first session of the seminars; if you cannot attend for a relevant reason, please notify us.


Information for graduate students:

All students studying for their master’s (MIBS, Economics, Sozialökonomik, Las Américas, DEIS, Kulturgeographie) are very welcome to join our courses.


More detailed information you can find under >Lecture and Courses and at UnivIS.

Wir freuen uns auf das Sommersemester mit Ihnen!