Expert Panel: 21st and 28th of June 2021

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Welcome to the EUinLAC project about the redefinition of the presence of Europe in Latin America and the Caribbean!

Our next events will take place on Monday 21st June and Monday 28th June. We bring together 16 experts from Europe and Latin America to discuss topics such as the environment, paradiplomacy, science, technology, innovation and the foreign policy of Germany, Spain, Italy, the UK, Brazil and the Andean countries.


The video of the event in English from June 21:

The video of the event in Spanish from June 21:



Whereever you are, you can talk with us about the present and future of the EU-Latin American relations, join us! And follow us on our Webpage, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


To see the announcement video in German, click here (Youtube link).

Here you may find the website and further information about the research project: