Research focus

Our research focuses:

Prof. Gardini, Ph.D.:

  • Foreign Policy Analysis (of Latin American countries and/or comparative)
  • Regional integration (Latin America and comparative)
  • International Organization (theoretical arguments with empirical illustrations)
  • Topics relevant to the nexus between international power, order and institutions

Prof. Dr Ammon:

  • Culture and economic models
  • Business and management styles in France and Italy
  • History and Politics of France
  • Business and society in France

Julia Herrmann, M.A.:

  • Bi-regional relations between the EU and Latin America
  • Foreign policy analysis, especially forms of feminist foreign policy
  • Interrelations between culture, institutions, values and economic performance (institutional economics and development economics)

Jaime León González, M.A.:

  • German foreign policy towards Latin America
  • Politics and economy in Spain
  • Spanish foreign policy towards Latin America
  • Political and economic relations between Latin America and the European Union
  • Organization of Ibero-American States – Comunidad Iberoamericana