Jaime León González, M.A.

Jaime León González, M.A.

Research and Teaching Associate


Room: FG 1.043

Telephone: +49 (0) 911 / 5302 – 95687

Email: jaime.leon@fau.de

Office hours: By appointment







Jaime León González is research associate at the Chair of International Business and Society Relations with focus on Latin America since October 2018.

Previously, he was a lecturer for business Spanish at the University of Bayreuth. Mr. León completed a Licenciatura (5-year degree) in business administration at the University of Cordoba in Spain with a one-year abroad at the FAU. He holds an MA in Technical Translation in Economics from the International University Menendez Pelayo in Santander in Spain. He is currently a PhD Candidate at the chair on German foreign policy towards Latin America.


  • German foreign policy towards Latin America
  • Political and economic relations between Latin America and the European Union

Final Thesis: Supervisor of Bachelor and Master thesis (in German, English and Spanish).

Partner universities and studies abroad: Responsible for all partner universities in Spain, Portugal and Brazil.

Learning Agreements: Contact person for all students whose last names begin with the letters M to Z.

Jean Monnet Project: The reconfigiuration of the EU presence in Latin America (since Oct. 20)

Member of the academic staff of the Jean-Monnet-Project “The reconfiguration of the EU presence in Latin America (EUinLAC)”, funded by the EU.

International developments in the 21st century – Where does Latin America stand in World Politics?– (Sep. 19 – Aug. 19)

Online multi-language course by the Bavarian Virtual High School

Role: co-manager

Economy, politics and society in Latin America – (Sep. 18 – Aug. 19)

Online multi-language course by the Bavarian Virtual High School

Role: developer/editor

  • Presente y futuro de Iberoamérica

This course provides an overview of the current and future Ibero-American region. Take a brief look at the history of the Ibero-American community and the goal that the Ibero-American summits and other institutions have pursued. The thematic priorities are also the development processes of the Ibero-American area and its foreign policy towards other blocs as well as the foreign policy of Spain towards Ibero-America.

  •  Lateinamerika im 21. Jahrhundert

About 200 years after the beginning of their independence process, the states of Latin America appear to be facing another step of emancipation. After a century of political and economic dominance by the United States, they are increasingly self-confident. This course sheds light on the new international position of Latin America. The focus lies on international, regional and economic cooperation.

The course is divided into three large thematic blocks: Block I: History, Geography and Space, Block II: Politics and Economy in Latin America and Block III: Society and Latin America in the world. Students should have knowledge of at least one of the two languages, German or Spanish. The course aims to be directed at both kinds of students, those with only little knowledge of German or equally those with only little knowledge of Spanish.


  • ¿En qué medida un caso de corrupción dentro de un partido político influye en sus resultados electorales? – el ejemplo del caso “Gürtel” en el Partido Popular en España; (M.A., 2020)
  • Between rhetoric & practice: Assessing the gap between strategic partnerships and practiced external EU relations within the regional context of Latin America (B.A.; 2020)
  • Internationale Zusammenarbeit durch die deutschen parteinahen Stiftungen in Argentinien. Las fundaciones políticas alemanas en América Latina – El caso de Argentina. (M.A., 2020)
  • Die Beziehungen Deutschlands zu Lateinamerika – Deutsche Außenpolitik und ihre wirtschaftliche, diplomatische und entwicklungspolitische Dimension gegenüber Chile und Kolumbien (2005-2020). (B.A.; 2021)
  • Regierungen im Alarmzustand: Reaktionen der deutschen und spanischen Regierung auf COVID-19 und dessen soziale, politische und wirtschaftliche Auswirkungen im Vergleich. (B.A.; 2021)
  • Política antidrogas Iván Duque, el regreso del Plan Colombia en la era del postconflicto. (M.A.; 2021)